So we have picked out the rings and probably the clothes too. Its going ot be a grand wedding I am sure of it. I am looking forward to getting away from everyone fro a min. Anthony's family is taking me fishing in Colorado. Oh yeah, were going to see his sister get hitched but the main focus for me here is the fishing... We just got back from Ludington State park and now don a cute little park sticker on the windshield for the year. I wonder what they do when there are ten? I wonder if you have to have them removed so it does not obstruct the drivers vision.

I went to the hospital today to have more tests done. My Dr. was in fear of uterine tumors and now I fear by the look of the ultrasound that she may be correct. They took a blood test and stuff too so hopefully it is not too bad. My blood pressure is certainly low which is a good thing.

Andrew, our little prestiges Surgeon in waiting is in Ann Arbor working on cadaver bodies to practice technique. He is certainly a good thing in my life. I like having that positive influence on the youth. He is only 16 and he has so much ahead of him!

My grandfather in in the hospital and my Grandmother is refusing to eat. He has a heart attack last night. They said the blockage is gone bu that he is going to be held in ICU over night. I will have him on my mind and I will light a candle for him in hope and honor.