My Requested Update

So some major developments have come about as of recent.

Anthony purchased he and I our fishing licenses. I have been camping non stop living off the land for 3 or four days at a time. I caught a 16 inch Large Mouth Bass At His grandmothers lake which kicked so much ass... I improved my cast arm and learned how to navigate top lures in lily pads at night. We went camping to Montcalm county and visited about 10 lakes in the matter of three days. We saw an Amish couple at the store. Took a picture of the Potato Monkey bar and grill sign and drove over 400 miles or so.

This morning the Doctor told me that my MRSA is getting worse. My T cell count is down so far that she said it looks like an HIV patient - but that I indeed DO NOT have HIV so thats always reassuring... I am now on five medications. The bacteria is so bad I have sores on several parts of my body that are severly painful. They are absessed and they scare me. People who have the Infection that I have can never get rid of it and are always at risk of losing a limb or appendage. I have to be seriously careful that I do as I am told or this might become my fate. I have to wash myself with alcahol now when I shower if I intend to shave and I am supposed to soak my blade in alcahol as well.

I am now a decent bowler... 115 average so yeah I guess thats better than a 66... I still have A's and one B+ in college and my GPA is a 3.83. I just completed my first year with a whopping 24 credit total credits and above average scores so I am very excited and proud. I am now an Allumni and a professional student so I can get more money which is always a good thing. I want to buy a car.

My pass plan approved me for 1500.00 for a car and 900.00 for supplies over a course of 6 months. Then I save for the house. I am really getting somwhere. I have to save the money over the course of the year and I can only spend it on a vehicle I am buying or to fix one I already own. This is still fantastic news. Too bad I am not in better health or I would be able to enjoy it a little more. I feel like some days I am just going through the motions.

My Religions of the world class really has made me open my eyes to Hindu religion. I am loving every minuite of it. There is also other fucking HUGE news going on here at the circus house. Brace yoursef. My brothers girlfriend is pregnant so I am going to be an aunt. Bernadette is Pregnant. I will leave you with that and maybe I will get a few comments. <3 CALL ME