Still in Colorado.. not for long

So this is our last night in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National. We go home tomarrow morning. I am looking forward to it. I miss our people. Anthony and I have silver pinkey rings.. It so special lol. Were freaking dorks but whatever. We may take a couple of days to get home opposed to driving through.. thats a bitch. Anthony's dad bought us some cool stuff. ANthony has a giant freezer mug and I have silver earrings made of real blue opal... they are beautiful and I love them. I am glad I got a dress for the wedding that I can wear everywhere... its pretty nice, simple.. It was a rather relaxed day compared to the others. We had food at A&W and drove to a few fly shops after going deep into Rocky Mt National... Bear lake and took pictures of Longs Peek which is among the highest peeks along the entire mountain... 14000 above sea level.. beautiful. It rained today so no ficking... :( the guys were pretty bummed. SO I am going to take a shower and drink a few cups of Joe and then hit the hay... lol I am pretty exausted from this really bad sunburn. I love and miss you all <3


First three days in colorado

22 Jul 2007 Colorado

We reached Colorado today after two long days of driving through the most corn fields I have ever seen. So far we have stayed at two decent hotels and had lunch in a rest/park thing. The mountains are not really within sight here in port-something. We did go to a few large fishing/camping everything else super stores which was pretty sweet. I was stung or bit tonight by something on the uper underarm. We are watching a special on Egypt and relaxing right now. Tomarrow is an early start to make way to Estes Park. We will be staying in rocky national park for about a week if everything goes right. Oh and I should say that this computer only has MSN so I am using aim moile which sucks but it will work. My grades are still not in but my teacher says they will be by tomarrow so getting my loan will be easy because they will probably give the school the request around tuesday and by then I will have my new GPA. I know I probably did not get two A's this semester but I am sure I got at least a B. I am pretty excited about it though because it was a pretty difficult class. Well I am really tired and I need to lie down. I love you all... I will be online late tomarrow night. <3 <3 ... I can not find the camera right now either which sucks because I was going to put some pictures online tonight... I will do it tomarrow probably .. save I have not lost it :{ if this is the case I suppose I will have to get a new one when I get home.

23 Jul 2007

Colorado - Rocky Mt National park and Estes Park Current mood: peaceful
I have uploaded pictures on Myspace (search dreadthedays@gmail.com if you have one because you have to be a member to see them), fortunatly we found the camera. I have been eating rock candy made from the best chocolate I have ever had. Anthony and his dad are fishing today while I hang were with Ben. I don't mind because I know it is really hot out and I do not want to get any more of a tan than I already have. I did, however, forget to bring my freaking dress for the wedding but Anthony's dad Fred is going to help me out on that because he rocks hard core. I am having the time of my life. I have been to the top of the rocky mountains now at a whopping 12,000 ft above sea level. I was scared and clung to the door and Anthony the whole way up. Some jackass was riding our ass for like 20 min and it sucked a lot because it made the ride pretty high tension.. as if it was not enough to begin with. The Inn that we are at is pretty sweet. We are all in the same room which is different. I do have wifi though so I can not complain. Last night I got online and realized that I forgot to post an assignment and had to download openoffice and make the assignment to turn it in only an hour before the deadline! it was a rat race... Today I cleaned the room and went to get som sugar for my tea.. when I returned Ben was on the bed and a little chipmonk was running all over the room!! I was like WTF! it was halarious. I am deleting a few pictures from my album to make room so don't be upset when there are less pics of the twins lol. Today we hit the shopping scene in the heart of Estes park which I am excited about because Anthony's dad pointed out a sweet store called Lithium and I want to know what it is all about. Last night we had some of the best Pizza I have ever had at chicago style pizza joint. There was a cute girl who gave Anthony the look over a few times and I giggled because I am not sure if he noticed but I sure did. The trip here was painstaking because 99% of every state on the way was pretty much all corn. Iowa had a pretty cool downtown scene near the campus for Iowa State.. athough most of it were bleach blond upscale snob nose chicks with small dogs... yeah your telling me. I got your mssg Bernadette and I appreciate your taking care of stuff while I am away. I really do not want Serra calling the freaking phone anymore. I am two steps from pressing harasment charges. She is NOT allowed at our house EVER and if anything comes up missing Anthony said George will be responsable and he was a bit upset but I think he will get over it if things are okay at home and she never comes back again He likes George enough to overlook it one.. I think. Right now he is in waiters in the center of Estes park fishing for Trout which is cool. Ben is watching movies as usual. Last night we met up with Amelia and her crew at a little resturant in the senter of town and had some tea. I am now sitting on the porch in the wind under an umbrella next to a beautiful river. I can hear birds and I see chipmonks playing in the grass.. it is peaceful. Nothing about the loan has been in yet but I expect confirmation soon. If I get anything in the mail please put it aside for me unless it is from citibank and in that case open it, read it and report to me what it says because I need to know in order to take care of those bills we owe. If the phone gets shut off I can not help until I get home... I doubt it but it might because of the $80.00 we owe because of the min used while we were camping.. yeah I know I iwll deal with it when I get home. I will take more pictures later on today and I will post some more tonight. I miss you guys a lot. I saw an indian store and I thought about the two of you... you kno who you are lol.. my dark haired lanky ones... <3<3.. My science Grade was posted today.. I figured I was going to get a c.. I got an A- ... if I get an A in my world religion class I will be thrilled because my GPA will go up yet again. I am sooo excited about that because I will be on the National Deans list again for the 7th semester in a row. I am proud of myself.

24 Jul 2007 Colorado update

Well... the wedding is finally over which is good because I think it was really stressing everyone out. It was beautiful and I took lots of pictures. I have the worst sunburn I have had in years... I am serious its freaking bad... I have blisters in places. We had Buffalo and lamb today at a rustic resturant close to the Inn we are staying at. We are staying the night tomarrow at a lower price motel in town... Anthony's dad decided to stay an extra night to get the best out of the trip after two days of running around and waiting to hear the plans for today. I hurt like hell and my legs are swollen to all get out. The mountains make me feel a little weak. I am going swimming tonight I think.. we will see. I can not get into the hot tub now because it would hurt like hell. Anthony avoided a sunburn but Ben is pretty bad too- which I feel aboud about for not remembering to put sunblock on him.... no one did. We are currentl watching Romeo and Juilet. I think I might take a nap... <3 I miss you all. I iwll nprobably not post anymore pictures until I get home... to much of a hastle. I miss you Bernadette, Phil, George, Thom, Andrew, Wes, April, Ryan, Kc and everyone else that I forgot to mention... much love we will be home by Sunday.


Jesus and Mohammed

You know I am not a Christian but I have to say that I am glad that the United States is more so than freaking Muslim. I say this because I am about to finish a class about world religion and I did a 3000 word essay by choice on the comparative lives of Jesus and Mohammad. I find that Mohammed was a child molesting bastard. I say this with absolutely no disrespect to his followers but instead the man himself. Who in their right mind would marry a 6 year old? It blows my mind that an entire religion was based around such a sick freak. Then to those people who follow the religion I figure you just disregard that part? I would hope so.. if not I mean you as much disrespect as I meant to him.


So we have picked out the rings and probably the clothes too. Its going ot be a grand wedding I am sure of it. I am looking forward to getting away from everyone fro a min. Anthony's family is taking me fishing in Colorado. Oh yeah, were going to see his sister get hitched but the main focus for me here is the fishing... We just got back from Ludington State park and now don a cute little park sticker on the windshield for the year. I wonder what they do when there are ten? I wonder if you have to have them removed so it does not obstruct the drivers vision.

I went to the hospital today to have more tests done. My Dr. was in fear of uterine tumors and now I fear by the look of the ultrasound that she may be correct. They took a blood test and stuff too so hopefully it is not too bad. My blood pressure is certainly low which is a good thing.

Andrew, our little prestiges Surgeon in waiting is in Ann Arbor working on cadaver bodies to practice technique. He is certainly a good thing in my life. I like having that positive influence on the youth. He is only 16 and he has so much ahead of him!

My grandfather in in the hospital and my Grandmother is refusing to eat. He has a heart attack last night. They said the blockage is gone bu that he is going to be held in ICU over night. I will have him on my mind and I will light a candle for him in hope and honor.