Still in Colorado.. not for long

So this is our last night in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National. We go home tomarrow morning. I am looking forward to it. I miss our people. Anthony and I have silver pinkey rings.. It so special lol. Were freaking dorks but whatever. We may take a couple of days to get home opposed to driving through.. thats a bitch. Anthony's dad bought us some cool stuff. ANthony has a giant freezer mug and I have silver earrings made of real blue opal... they are beautiful and I love them. I am glad I got a dress for the wedding that I can wear everywhere... its pretty nice, simple.. It was a rather relaxed day compared to the others. We had food at A&W and drove to a few fly shops after going deep into Rocky Mt National... Bear lake and took pictures of Longs Peek which is among the highest peeks along the entire mountain... 14000 above sea level.. beautiful. It rained today so no ficking... :( the guys were pretty bummed. SO I am going to take a shower and drink a few cups of Joe and then hit the hay... lol I am pretty exausted from this really bad sunburn. I love and miss you all <3