I went to the Dr today and things are not looking so good

I have been blogging my pain for the past few weeks and i am sure you have all seen my posts. I went to the Dr today in an emergency visit. She says the ovarian cysts are so big she can feel them easily with her hand. She told me I have to be back Monday afternoon for a full workup. She also said she is worred becuase my culture came back with a lot of radical cells. She did nto say the C word but I think she was trying to avoid it. She just tole me that it was very important I come back on Monday to have the work done. She is very worried. Suck. Honestly I am numb after the miscarriage in Sept. I honestly wish it was just all gone so I did not have to have false hopes and pain and procedures and medical bills.. not to mention the various secondary problems I am having like the massive teenage-looking breakout all over my neck, chest and back. It hurts and it is unsightly. I look like a meth addict. It's so unfair. I am alright though, honestly. I will get through it as I always do but I am so worn thin. Just too much.


Apple Berry Cherry Cheesecake Crumble

This is how I did it; 18x20 crumble

4 Apples;

Granny Smith
Golden Delicious

1/2 bag of each frozen fruits; Berry mix, Black Cherry, Blueberry

In a pot place Apples and sweat over med heat before adding frozen fruit add 2 tbsp cinnamon about a tsp of nutmeg and a few sprinkles of clove (pinch)

Your not cooking the mix as much as you are sweating it and coating the flavors evenly. After they have sweated about a centimeter of liquid to the bottom of the pan add about 1/8 cup of jiffy mix slowly sprinkling and mixing as you go. Some white is okay.

After you done with the mix grease a 18x20 double cake pan (or a subsequent broiler pan)
Pour mix into the pan and add 6 tbsp of jiffy baking mix or self rising flour onto fruit

Now the filling which is optional lends a nice cheesecake flavor

2 packages of cream cheese
1/4 cup of sugar in the raw OR 1/8 of a cup of white sugar
Heat cream cheese a little to get it flowing if need be
1 tbsp vanilla
2 eggs
Mix in a bowl and pour on top of fruit spread with a spatula as even as you can manage without messing with it too much


1 1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 tbsp of cinnamon
1 cup of Jiffy
1/2 cup of oats
you can add flax or nuts if you wish
2 tbsp of oil and mix about the same of water in the dry mix do not add more water or you will get a paste

Sprinkle over your cheesecake and fruit mix

Bake for 45-55 min on 375

Serve warm or cold
Keeps for 6 days


Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 Home Professional = Awesome

Though I have had a few compatibility problems they were always resolved right away and the fix was incredibly easy. 99% of my hardware and custom made computer ran perfectly. I do have the same complaint of anyone with my motherboard which is the Asus TurboV won't install in Windows 7 RC
I'm going to Asus site for my P6T motherboard.