So a few months ago I announced my intent to marry Mr Anthony Kerr. We had been pawning over the detail of spontaneous vs. planned. After witnessing all of the troubles arise from a very unplanned marriage, we decided to plan it out. We are getting married justice of the peace style legally first. We are planning the wedding ceremony to not be the actual legal wedding but the symbolic one.

I am currently helping Jon, my brother, plan his wedding as well. This should help keep the tasks fresh in my mind - hopefully keeping me focused (doubtful).I helped design the invitations and helped pick the dress out (I had fun doing it) and it gave me a few ideas. It is fantastic Jon is getting married, I love Emily.

Because of our eccentric tastes we have opted to buy most stuff online. This is nice because it gives me the chance to show the stuff and get response before I buy it. We have already picked out our rings from the Pyramid Collection and have picked out my wedding dress (yes he helped and I don't care). We are pawning over what style he wants to wear. We decided to have a black wedding with red and white accents so this will be interesting. I want to feel like an evil princess lol I want a sparkle black tiara and a black veil. I am thrilled he wants to do it this way. So far we think it will be out side. If it rains... I hope it rains hard.

I do not want it to be a gawdy black wedding either. I want something sleek going on (as I sound completely the opposite). I am hoping that people respect my wish for red black or white, at least nothing obscenely bright (please) (save white of course). I was going to get the traditional Renessance dress but I have decided to go a little more sleek in all black with hints of dark red as accents such as jewelry. I am not having brides mades or anything like that to save on cash. I can not afford to pay for a bunch of dresses and such. I don't want some jerk to screw up my photos by looking the odd one out in a sunshine yellow dress or array of various fun flowers (mom). If anyone has any ideas let me know. I would like to shoot for early October.

So here we go you guys.. into the whole wide world of planning... I picked out my dress.. here is the link


Gothic Black Tiara small

We also picked out our rings:

Onyx & Garnet Ring Onyx Raven's Ring

We have yet to pick a location but that is the least of the details I am worried about.