A Standardized Rant

This has been a long fought over topic “Does ethnicity go further than skin deep?” This is a good question and surely no one has the answer. Many factors have to be taken into consideration. Did you know that standardized testing to back up this theory has very biased results? I have been reading about this topic for quite some time. I was intrigued by the subject and at one point thought “maybe it does go further than the skin”. It seems like Whites are inherently smarter. It seems this way because the test results show so. I also want to include that it was found that the best scores on most tests are coincidentally the creator of the test itself, pretty funny huh? I thought so. Taking everything into account there have been studies done for a long time to try to prove that one race is smarter than another. Whites take the cake on making tests that make them appear smarter. Often tests that prove differently are discarded. There are far too many factors to consider getting accurate results. It is said that brain size can prove something, and then we realized that we were wrong. How many more tests will some white collar Caucasian have to make to satisfy White’s ego? I think we have taken enough tests to last a lifetime. We know that Blacks have more testosterone and thus are more violent. They also say that white men are more likely to be serial killers, is that not a violent act? Maybe if there was a really good test that showed who made better liars we would get some real results. I suppose there might be some tiny difference there, which we might see in a controlled environment, if the babies were not made from test tubes. We should stop trying to identify a problem and just fix it. We should stop trying to point fingers and hold hands. I am so tired of ranting white, right wing scientists who think they are smarter because they inherited billions and invested it all into one biased test that “proves” that they are indeed the smartest out of anyone, ever. Just be sensitive. Love one another. Invest time if you care enough but please do us all a favor, don’t make another overrated standardized test. lol